We are truly blessed for the exciting news of being a nominee for the Austin Business Journal Real Estate Award. A huge thanks to all of our past clients who’ve trusted us with their real estate needs, and we continue to look forward to exceeding expectations for your future real estate needs!

What is the Austin Business Journal Residential Real Estate Awards?

The Austin Business Journal Residential Real Estate Awards, also known as ABJ Residential Real Estate Awards, are awards presented by the Austin Business Journal to recognize and honor outstanding achievements and excellence in the residential real estate industry in the Austin, Texas area. These awards typically acknowledge various aspects of the residential real estate sector, including developers, builders, real estate agents, and other professionals who have made significant contributions to the local housing market.

The categories and criteria for these awards can vary from year to year, but they often consider factors such as sales performance, innovation, community impact, and overall contributions to the Austin residential real estate market. These awards serve to highlight and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of individuals and companies in the Austin residential real estate industry.

The Austin Business Journal Residential Real Estate Awards are a way to showcase and honor those who have made a positive impact on the local housing market and to provide recognition for their achievements within the real estate community.