Unique Decorating Ideas for the Holiday Season

Did you know that in the Philippines, Christmas season starts as early as September 1st? Once the '-ber' months come in, decking the halls begin!

I'm aware that some of you have already begun decorating for the holidays, but this season, there's nothing wrong with going ALL OUT! So, it's time to bring out all those decorations you've stashed away behind storage spaces. After you've gone through these ideas, you'll be inspired to use your old decorations and might even feel motivated to add a few new ones to elevate your festive home theme!

1. Go with Metallics

We all know the traditional Christmas color palette includes red and green; however, it's never too late to try something new. Balancing different tones elevates sophistication while maintaining the whimsical and festive essence of the holiday.

2. Deck every room in the house - even the bathroom

Often, we concentrate on decorating the main rooms and overlook the bathroom. Add a touch of holiday spirit by draping a Christmas garland around the mirror and placing a small Christmas tree to bring life to the space. For an elegant touch, consider adorning the bathroom with gold decorations, creating a relaxing and sophisticated ambiance.

3. Decorate your Fireplace!

Unpack the garlands, figurines, and snowballs, and don't forget to hang a Christmas stocking. Enhance the festive atmosphere with three-sized Christmas candles placed strategically around the area. These decorations will infuse your space with the warmth and joy of the holiday season.

4. Incorporate your artwork!

To make it even better, hang your favorite painting above the fireplace for a personal touch!

5. Use a planter as a tree stand

Up your game by using a planter as a base on your Chritmas tree. 

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